What Are Digital Stamps?

A question I get quite regularly is, what are digital stamps? The simple answer is they are images that you download (either free or buy) and print out on your printer. 

All images produced for A.J.'s Digi Shoppe are created in JPEG and PNG file formats.  A JPEG file is your standard picture file format, when created at 300dpi offers a professional printing quality.  A PNG file is an image with a clear background making it easier to place other elements together in a photoediting program (such as GIMP, Photoshop Elements or Photoshop).  Keep in mind any image printed at 300dpi will only work as well as the printer that you are using.  300dpi ensures if you were ever to send something to a profession printer, the image would not be pixelated or greyed in any way.
Digital stamps are also used in digital scrapbooking and may not be printed at all depending on the scrapbooker.

In paper crafting the digital stamps can be printed and colored with markers, pencils, pastels, watercolor or whatever medium you desire.  A digital stamp can also be colored on your computer and printed out.  The versatility of a digital stamp is amazing.  You can add and remove elements with a click of a button (no masking).  You can resize the image as large or as small as you like.  You can create mirror images of the digital stamps.  The possibilities are truly endless when using digital stamps.

If you want to experiment with digital stamp before making a purchase check out our Freebie Section and download some free digital stamps.